World Mental Health Day 2017, Work and our Work Selves

TweetThis year’s World Mental Health day’s theme is Mental Health in The Workplace. Work is a significant part of many of our lives — it’s where we spend most of our time, it’s where we find satisfaction and our purpose (or in many cases, not), it’s where we may strike up some deep and meaningful […]

Twitter, the Online World and Many Faces of Gender Based Violence

TweetThis is a piece I wrote a little while ago about the ways in which I have seen gender-based violence discussed and play out on Twitter. “As our understandings of gender based violence evolve, it is clear that it is no way limited to spaces where physical interaction occurs. It can take other forms including […]

The No-Nonsense Guide to International Development

TweetI am doing an independent study for a class and part of the ‘research’ is understanding the history and evolution of development studies as a field. This of course necessitates an understanding, even if cursory, of the history of development. Ambiguous, contentious, contested, the list of adjectives is endless and is you can see fraught with […]